Gender Diversity Network

The CFA UK Gender Diversity Network is building a better investment profession by finding tangible, practical ways to progress diversity in the workplace.

Women remain significantly under-represented in investment management, holding just under 20% of roles in comparison to other long-hours, professional sectors such as law (48%) and accountancy (35%) investment professionals.

The CFA UK Gender Diversity Network aims to build a more diverse profession and enhance sustainable performance for firms and individuals, recognising that initiatives must be conceived and applied by firms, managers and employees alike.

Join the CFA UK Gender Diversity Network now

By joining the CFA UK Gender Diversity Network you will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from leading industry experts who are making a positive difference by improving the gender imbalance and promoting women in the workplace
  • Get involved in CFA UK events, with opportunities for sponsorship, speakers and venue hosting available
  • Access events focusing on diversity investment, career advancement, leadership, coaching skills and what it takes to be successful in the profession;
  • Demonstrate your leadership skills and raise your profile by becoming a committee member or a CFA UK Ambassador within your firm;
  • Network with members determined to promote diversity across the investment profession.

Creating a gender-balanced business should be the responsibility of firms, managers and employees, both from the top down and the bottom up. This approach will help work towards building a more diverse profession and enhanced sustainable performance.

The case for gender diversity in investment management are shown through these factors:

  • Organisations with gender diverse senior leadership teams show more successful growth in terms of a number of key indicators, including operating results, public image, employee satisfaction and stock price
  • Gender balance and diversity can drive efficiency and organisational learning
  • Increasing number of female clients globally, with women driving household spending decisions
  • Shortage of talent means employers need to access the whole talent pool.

Interested? We invite both men and women to join the CFA UK Gender Diversity Network to help us promote diversity in the workplace – join now.