Ethics & Professionalism

Conflicts & Culture

Will Amos provides an insight into how a firm’s culture influences its judgement, ethics and behaviour.

Roger Unwin

Adding Culture to the 3 ‘P’s

People, process, philosophy and performance - the challenges have become greater over time as our organisations become more complex.

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A changing industry

'The industry needs to engage in a different type of dialogue.'

A good industry, but we can do better

'Regulators and government need to think more holistically about the motivation for regulation'

Paul Smith

Paul Smith, CFA

'My good opinion once lost is lost forever'

Benchmarks and indices

Benchmarks and Indices

As investment professionals, we should be aware of
the strengths and limitations of the indices we use as
benchmarks. We have to ensure...


Addressing the Challenge of Gender Diversity

Despite women controlling ever increasing amounts of wealth, and proving their capability in investment, they continue to represent just 20% of...

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Termism: The Long and Short of It

This paper suggests that the outcomes sought by long-term investment horizons could be more effectively achieved by measures other than the imposition...

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Fees: The Cost of Investing

We must look beyond fees alone and consider performance and risk as well to determine value.

Case Study: Fees

The three dimensions of client performance are demonstrated by the fee structure designed by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) in this...