Are the roles covered in the framework representative of the buy and sell side front office investment industry?

The Competency Framework will serve individuals working in or aspiring to pursue a career in research analysis, portfolio, risk and relationship management, trading, and sales & distribution.

Cast your survey vote below to tell us if we are missing any key areas in front office investment.

What proportion of front office do you think the roles cover?

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Leave a comment below with suggestions for other areas that should be represented and reply to posts from other contributors.

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  • Is this useful?

    5 months ago : leila
    • Hi Leila, many investment firms have competency frameworks built for the roles in their front office. Our aim is to produce an industry standard that these can be benchmarked against. We also want to provide our members and other front office investment practitioners a tool to understand the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need to advance in their careers. Do you think this is a useful tool?

      3 months ago : Viktoria Girdenyte
  • I don’t know how the roles you have here compare the roles in my division, so difficult to say whether they are covered or not. Do you have any more information?

    4 months ago : Laura Farish
    • Hi Laura, the roles you see have been derived from the global CFA Charterholder job role demographic file and the discussions we have had with Learning & Development professionals at investment firms, as well as investment practitioners themselves. Do you have any roles in your front office investment team that you think would not be able to identify themselves in one or more of these roles?

      3 months ago : Viktoria Girdenyte