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Helping charities with their investments

One of the projects our Client team is developing is putting together a register of CFA UK members who’d be willing to give their time to sit as trustees and give expertise and insights into getting the most out of their investments – thus contributing to charities’ aims and activities.

Among the considerations:

  • Training for volunteers covering the main elements of being a charity trustee
  • A register of willing CFA charterholders who have undergone this training
  • A group of mentors who have trustee experience to guide those starting out on the programme
  • Events where charities can link up with prospective trustee volunteers
  • Liaison with governing bodies for charities to promote this project


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  • I would be interested in serving on the board of a charity to help with investments. The training is a good idea, I’ve been through it to help with a church winter shelter program,

    11 months ago : Nancy Utterback CFA
  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’d like to express my interest to register for training for volunteers as a charity trustee and join a group of mentors starting out on the programme.

    Would you please let me know what the next steps are?

    Thanks very much.



    11 months ago : Gabriella Savage
  • Hello,

    I think this is a very worthwhile initiative especially helping improve trustee investment training as well as making CFA charter holders and other CFA members more aware of charity specific investment issues.

    11 months ago : Helene Jelman
  • This is a great initiative, and a worthwhile contribution CFA Charterholders can make with their skills.

    11 months ago : Hor Chan
  • I am a CFA Charterholder and a Trustee for a couple of small UK charities that receive most of their funding from local government and EU regional development funds. Like many charities, they don’t have large reserves, so their investment strategy is very conservative. However they need Trustees that can understand accounting (basic accruals and the intricacies of charity accounting) and support operational financial planning and reporting. This is certainly a role a CFA charterholder can excel at (although they will still need training). Beyond investment and financial issues, charity Trustees should expect to get more broadly involved in the governance of the charity (potentially this could include areas outside their previous experience, such as HR issues, but also working to improve the financial understanding of their fellow charity Trustees). Outside of investment circles, the CFA qualification is not well known (unlike accountancy qualifications), so broader engagement of CFA charterholders as charity Trustess should help to boost the perception while also providing charterholders with broader governance experience that could help them develop their careers.

    11 months ago : Gillian de Candole (nee Skinner)
  • As professionals, and individuals, if we can offer to help those in need of our skills, financial or otherwise, then we should be keen to help and ideally our employers should allow time for us to do so. But we should also ensure we undertake any appropriate training to ensure that the help we offer is worthwhile to all concerned

    11 months ago : Duncan Thomson
  • I would like to be considered as a volunteer for this initiative.

    11 months ago : Chiara Cargnel