Clients’ Needs

'By intermediating on behalf of those who wish to invest, the profession enables access to greater investment opportunities than might otherwise be available and reduces the risk to investors by diversifying those investments more broadly.'

The investment profession has a wide range of direct clients and an even broader range of ultimate beneficiaries.

In the institutional world, investment professionals work for pension schemes, insurance companies, charities, endowments and foundations. While a pension scheme, represented by its trustees, may be the direct client, the work the profession performs will impact that scheme’s own members and affect their financial outcomes.

The profession’s work also has a broader impact. Where pension schemes’ investment returns are improved, the need for corporate contributions is reduced, freeing up capital for investment elsewhere. Further, by helping private companies meet their pension obligations, the investment profession reduces the ultimate reliance on tax-funded public entities. Similarly, the profession can positively affect a charity’s ability to fund its activities or an insurance company’s ability to pay claims and maintain premia at a relatively low level.

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