Is the self-evaluation tool adequate to help you understand where you are in your career?

The Competency Framework will offer a self-evaluation tool to users to determine their mastery of the various competencies in their chosen career path. Users will be asked to self-evaluate under each competency by ticking the competency statement most relevant to them in each row. Once they click calculate results they will be given a self-evaluation score for the overall competency. See example on the right.

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Is the self-evaluation tool for competencies adequate to help you understand your competence level in a given career path?

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Based on the self-evaluations a score will be provided for technical, business & professional and ethics competence. You will then be able to proceed with self-evaluation for the remaining competencies or at look suggested learning resources.
See example on the right.
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Is the self-evaluation result, matched learning resources and the option for more self-evaluation helpful?

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  • This can’t really reflect a person’s readiness for a role unless you understand their qualifications, experience etc.

    4 months ago : Laura Farish
  • Hi Laura, the tool will initially be a self-evaluation tool so the individual has to decide whether based on their qualifications and experience they are able to meet a given behaviour attached to each competency. The framework will therefore help them form a personal development plan. If they choose to share this with their employer, they can evaluate how the results stack up against an internal role’s requirements.

    3 months ago : Viktoria Girdenyte